How to Identify Synnex Authentic Goods Label:


※ Method 1: Please request authorized resellers for Synnex Products

To ensure purchase of authentic goods, you are recommended to request for Synnex products from resellers.


※ Method 2: Identify trademarked Authentic Goods Logo marked on the packing box

The authentic Goods Logo are presented in the form of printing or sticker on the packing box of all selected products carried by Synnex Hong Kong. The authentic Goods Logo represents the excellent products from Synnex, customers can buy with confidence!


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All previous versions are still valid

For example:



※ Method 3: Hard Disk Maintenance Service

(* Pictures are for reference only.)


All WD hard disks of Synnex Technology International (HK) Ltd. are marked with a "Synnex Group" laser label* for identification. The first 4 digits on the laser label indicated the hard disk maintenance expired date. For example: "2001" means the maintenance period is valid till January 2020. If the laser label is damaged or suspected to be counterfeit, Synnex Technology International (HK) Ltd. reserves the final right of the decision on maintenance services.