DJI Action 2 New Firmware Release
This Firmware update comes with a bunch of New Features including the All-New HorizonBalancing, Low power mode for timelapse, and more.

1. HorizonBalancing 4K video leveling

2. Steady

3. How to choose between the different EIS modes?

4. Timelapse Low Power Mode

5. DJI Mic Remote Control

6. Horizon Calibration


Other Updates:

1. Optimized method of adjusting camera zoom: Tapping and holding the zoom icon to reduce chance of accidental operation.

2. Optimized UI for exporting internal storage files: The camera screen will automatically lock when exporting internal storage files to a microSD

3. Optimized UI for formatting a microSD card: Double confirmation is needed for formatting a microSD card by swiping the screen to reduce chance of accidental operation.

4. Improved microSD card compatibility.

5. Optimized power efficiency of the Front Touchscreen Module and Power Module when charging the Camera Unit.

6. Fixed some minor bugs.




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